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"Warriors: Twin Shadows" is a fancomic based on Erin Hunter's hit series, Warrior Cats. W:TS asks, what would have happened if Rusty never left his twoleg home?


As a fancomic, W:TS both celebrates and challenges the themes that dominate Warriors, such as destiny, forbidden love, and the nature of true evil. The comic concluded at 274 pages. It was produced using Crayola markers, Copic markers and Photoshop.

W:TS was published online as a webcomic, and can still be read for free on DeviantArt. Assorted pages can be found below.

Twin Shadows Comic_edited.jpg

W:TS was printed and sold three times, with orders shipping to over eight different countries, from Chile to Australia to Finland. It has been translated into Russian, with a Spanish translation currently in progress.

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